Thanks again for visiting the Pfeiffer Beer Tribute Page! If any of you have a personal web page or are fans of someone else's, contact us and we will put a link here to the site!

BREWERY LINKS: Sites dedicate to other breweries. If you are a fan of Pfeiffer, you will appreciate the devotion some people have for these other beers.

    "Detroit Brewing Company" - This page is dedicated to the history of the “Detroit Brewing Company”, a brewery once owned by the family of the guys who built the site!

    "Detroiters and Their Beers" - A great article written about the history of Detroit brewing.

    "Grainbelt" - This is a new brewery located in the former Pfeiffer Brewery in St. Paul, MN!

    "Shlitz Brewery" - One of the classics. This newer site is really coming along!

    "Koppitz Brewery" - Another Detroit Beer from the past. This site is well designed and full of good info. Not updated often, but worth a visit.

    "Motor City Brewing Works" - My favorite "current day" Detroit brewery. These guys hand make all their beer in Detroit. Great beer! Try the Nut Brown Ale! (and they have cool labels!) This is the official site.

    "Falstaff Beer" - Fan site dedicated to another fine beer! Great Photo section.

INFORMATION LINKS: Whether you are looking for information about collecting or brewery history, these sites will be of interest to you.
    "Essential Michi-Cans Homepage" - A great site with brewery history and collecting information. Visit the "Variation Closet" to see many rare finds! 

    "Michigan Breweriana" - A great site full of rich and detailed information on classic Michigan Beers. Great design and content, this is my favorite!

    "Rusty Bunch" - A site devoted to collecting old and rare beer cans and the art of "dumping."

    "" - This "Maxim-ish" site is more about modern-day beer culture than it is about beer, but you can still find quite a bit of info here as long as some fun games.  Besides, they link to this page, so I thought I'd return the link! 

ONLINE AUCTIONS:  Here are some great places to find Pfeiffer related items and collectables!  Since I am telling you where I find all my stuff, just don't out bid me! :)
    "eBay" - Sometimes the prices get out of hand, and people will find "creative" ways to out-bid you, but eBay always has TONS of Pfeiffer stuff!  IMPROVED LINK!  Now this link will take you straight to the Pfeiffer listings without showing you all of the Michelle Pfeiffer items!

    "Yahoo Online Auctions" - Pfeiffer items are rare here, unless you are referring to Michelle Pfeiffer stuff, but few other collectors visit Yahoo's auctions so prices are nice and cheap!  This link also takes you right to the Pfeiffer listings.

    "Out of the Attic" - This is a new auction site. Also has less traffic, so bidding does not get out of hand.  Guys who run this site are very nice and will personally respond to any questions you have. Give it a visit.

COLLECTIONS FOR SALE:  Many people are selling there collections online.  You can browse what they have and purchase via email.
    "Beer-1's Michigan Collection" - A former Michigan resident who lives in Florida now..  Perhaps to prevent becoming homesick, Chuck has built a wonderful collection of Michigan beer cans! 

    "La Store" - New collecting site I found. Check from time to time to see if they have an Pfeiffer items! 

    "Beer Can Collecting by James" - Claims to be the largest Can site on the web. He may be right with over 7,000 cans listed! Prices here are very reasonable!

    "Breweriana" - Tons of Breweriana for sale! Updated often. Everything from beer trays to bottles and openers! Also includes a growing history section that has republished the Pfeiffer History from this site!

    "Collumbine Collectibles" - Collector and seller of beer collectables. The prices are a bit steep, and the dates of cans are sometimes off, but this is still a nice collection.

    "Michigan Beer Cans" - Chuck Starrett's informative site with items for sale or trade.

OTHER LINKS: Here are some other sites that I have created. Don't forget, you can submit your own sites and have them added!

    "Fabulous Ruins of Detroit" - This site is amazing!  Take a tour through the gems of Detroit, many still standing!  You MUST see this site!

    "History Detectives" - This show on PBS stations is great.  Really reminds me of some of the research that went into this site (yes there is life beyond Google!) and inspired me to get working on the site again.

    "Detroit 300" - A site dedicated to celebrating Detroit's 300 year anniversary!

    "Motor City Improv" - Motor City Improv (MCI) is a comedy troupe with the mission of offering slice-of-life comedy to the common person.  If you are in the Detroit area, visit here to find out where their latest show is!