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Updated May 02, 2001.

Welcome to the Pfeiffer Sign Gallery.  There are just tons of signs out there to be found and many different varieties. Watch out though, excepts for some rare cans, signs tend to go for the most money.  Any image markedwas added during the last update.


Most of these signs were made as promotional items for local bars.  Some were for store display as well.  Either way, these signs are a great addition to any bar or home...

    "Drinking Glass" - This dark sign is in the shape of a drinking glass.  Interestingly enough, it uses the "Premium Beer" font, but says "Famous Beer" and shows the brewery (the brewery was only used on the Famous brand.
    "On Tap" and "Back" - This thin, cardboard or tin sign is in the shape of the somewhat rare Johnny statue where he is standing over a keg.  The artwork looks somewhat amateur.
    "Sign Holder" - This neat wooden sign holder is meant for displaying cardboard inserts.
    "Premium Keg" - This nice sign for Pfeiffer Premium Beer is made of plastic and in the shape of a keg.Variation.
    "Rubber Johnny" - This rubber or hard plastic plaque is in the shape of Johnny Pfeiffer.  It shows its age, but that seems to add to its character.
    "ROG - Famous" - Here is a nice Reverse On Glass sign for Pfeiffer's Famous! 
    "Spirit of 76" - The campaign style hat is from the bicentennial celebration of 1976.  G. Heileman era.  
    "Ore Boat" - I love this one!  It features the Ore Boat from the Scenic cans along with two Premium Beer bottles.  Made of plastic. 
    "Cold Beer" - This sign pops up on eBay from time to time.  It can always be picked up for a great price.  Much more of the sign refers to "Cold Beer" than Pfeiffer, but it is still a good sign to start a collection. 
    "Cars" - Pfeiffer is from Detroit, Michigan and so is the automobile!  These two signs from the 1950's paying tribute to Detroit's auto industry. View 2 and "Close-up".  New image of this sign - Oct. 11! 
    "Fifer Cutout" - This is a huge cardboard cutout of Johnny Fifer!  Measures about 3 feet tall!
    "Lawrin" - This tin over cardboard sign pays tribute to the race horse "Lawrin" who was born in 1935.
    "War Admiral" - Tin over cardboard with the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stake winner "War Admiral!"
    "Galliant Fox" - Another "horse sign", this time for the horse "Galliant Fox."  It is dated 1927, but Pfeiffer was not produced from 1919 to 1933, so the date may refer to the horse.
    "Beer Stein" - Plastic sign in the shape of a beer stein.  These things seem to be pretty common.  Part of the "Great Lakes Country" advertising.
    "Reverse on Glass" - This is the favorite sign for Pfeiffer Premium Beer.  ROG or "Reverse on Glass" signs are one in which the sign was painted on the back of the glass and then covered.  Similar to how mirrors are made.  New image Oct. 11. 
    "Happy Mug" - A Pfeiffer sign featuring Johnny Fifer and the "Happy Mug" with hat.
    "Luxury Beer" - This is a pretty neat plastic sign for Pfeiffer Premium Beer.  It features a bottle and glass.  Johnny Fifer is up top too and the sign features the short lived "Luxury Beer" slogan.
    "Metalic Sign" - This one is a beauty! Metal over cardboard.  I was out-bid on this one..
    "Round Sign" - was nice enough to let me post this!
    "Pfeiffer On-Tap" - I wish this was mine! Compliments of!

That's right!  Not all signs just sit there on the wall doin' nothin!  These signs either have some movement or light up.

    "Pfeiffer Game View 1"; "View 2" and "View 3" - This one is a drinking game and a sign! As the arm spins around, one person has to guess if it is going to land on either "Fun" or "Flavor."  If he gets is right, the other person has to take a drink.  Wrong, and HE has to take a drink.  A little precursor to the "Less filling / Tastes Great" debate that has divided America.

    "Moving Sign" - As the light heats up, the background moves and looks like water!

    "Hanging Lighted Sign" - Up until recently, I have only seen poor images of this sign.  Here is a great shot of a cool Johnny Fifer sign!

    "Lighted Pfeiffer Sign" - It's lighted and it's for Pfeiffer!  Go figure!  I want one for my bar!

    "Premium Lighted" - This one is cool!  About 14 inches wide, it is for Pfeiffer Premium Beer. 1960's.  I paid too much, but I love it!

Post-1958, these plaques were released in conjunction with the "Scene Cans."  The more common variety are on "shields" and the rarer type are on round "kegs."  All of them are about 10" x 10".  Thank you to Richard Pfeiffer for the only "keg" image I have!  The backs of all these signs had a sticker describing the animal and its significance to Michigan.

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