Updated Feb. 25, 2005.

Here are some images of the Pfeiffer Breweries!  So far, I only have images of the C. Pfeiffer Brewery and Pfeiffer Brewing Company buildings in Detroit.  If anyone has images of the Pfeiffer buildings in Flint, MI (formerly the Philip Kling Brewery) or the G. Heileman Brewery in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, please email me.  For more information on the brewery, check out the History Section.  Thanks to Dan Bora and Gary Bauer for some of the Photos! 


Detroit: Pre-Prohibition
This is the oldest Pfeiffer building still in existence.  Built in 1912, just ten years after the founding of the C. Pfeiffer Brewing Company, it is currently being used by a pallet company.  The front entrance is now enclosed with masonry block and an iron gate, but the original facade is still visible once inside.  Workers for the current owner report that the building was at one point used as a horse stable.   Offices, including a safe that says "C. Pfeiffer Brewing Company" occupy the front of the building, with the warehouse in the back.   The building has no electricity, so most of these photos were taken by holding a camera into a dark room.



Detroit: Bottling Facilities
The Pfeiffer Brewery in Detroit comprised of several buildings near the intersection of Mack and Bellevue.  Most of the buildings are still standing and even have the same writing on the wall.

    "1908 Postcard" - Here is a pre-Prohibition postcard of the C. Pfeiffer Brewing Company postmarked 1908.  It advertises for the new brewery.  This is the same building that graced many of the Pfeiffer bottles and cans.  Compliments of  This building was eventually demolished.

    "Pfeiffer Brew Co. 1993" - Here is the Pfeiffer Brewing Co. as photographed in 1993.
    "Pfeiffer Brew Co. 1993 pt. 2" - Same building, different view.  Both 1993 photos by Dan Bora of the "Rusty Bunch."

Detroit: Truck Depots

This building occupies the southeast corner (Mack and Bellevue) of the Pfeiffer complex.  It was used for the Pfeiffer delivery trucks and was most likely added in the 1950's.  The building is now used by a company that services passenger buses such as Greyhound and Detroit Public School buses.  The writing on the side of the building has been covered with white paint, but is still readable.

From Mack

Other side "Pfeiffer" "PBCo."

Former Drewry's Brewery: South Bend, IN

This building was acquired as part of the merger between Associated Brewery and Drewry's and was latter stripped of its equipment and closed down by G. Heilman in 1972.  The sign "Drewry's Home Of The Best Cold Beer In Town" has continued to remained on the building until present day. (Thank you to Wes Weaver for the photo and information!)

drewrys+airview.jpg (24249 bytes)

ca. 1967